My Project


Am very sorry for the delay about TK… Will come soon with the next one…

I have held up with my project work… Now i need yu all into it..

I will upload my project questionnaire here…

Res Quest

I request yu all to fill it up and send me either through Private message in my Facebook page:

or in my mail id:

My project is about plagiarism in online reading…

Since its about online reading i request my readers to help in my project…

All yu have to do is download the below word file and Highlight ur answers with any colour tool…

Pls spare ur few minutes for my research… I will be very thankful for yu guys…

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  1. hi nila kutty enakku questions ethuvum varala pa plz nee veru oru ithu koduthaa naan reply panna sariya irukkkum dear

  2. i have found nila i have send u mail

  3. no probs chellam all the best for ur studies ma take care appuram naan ennnoda third story pongalukku munnadi mudikka poren pa unakku time kidaithaal comments pannu ma so that i can correct myself

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